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Fast Years, Shark?, and Lost Boy? @ Big Snow Buffalo Lodge

Because their DIY venue is totally more DIY than your DIY venue…

Fast Years, Shark?, and Lost Boy? @ Big Snow Buffalo Lodge

Article and photography by Joe Rocha

At Big Snow Buffalo Lodge, a gaggle of local musicians are blowing the back out of a small rented party hall in Brooklyn. It’s a VFW/Knight o’ Columbus/whatever your geographical region happens to call it. And it’s reminiscent of all your best times in high school, if you were jus cool enough to have good times but not cool enough to have your stomach pumped. The venue was pretty sparse when the doors opened, but packed up with some interesting characters as the night progressed. The vibe was laid back, with genuine appreciation for the music trumping any wild partying atmosphere, though between sets there was a very social vibe with some pretty serious booze-and-drug-infused mingling.

Fast Years are an indie surf punk band with a pop tinge. Their feel and sound is reminiscent of early Weezer. I wasn’t sure that would resonate with the crowd at first, but they seemed to take to it. They are playing The Delancey on an upcoming Thursday, March 8th, with I’m Turning Into, Hawt Me$$ and Family Photos, which is totally worth catching.

Fast Years was followed by a band that Oh Come On is taking a strong editorial perspective on- we’re not going to mention their name. Because, in our opinion, they were boring. We didn’t even enjoy drinking to the sound of them. And we really enjoy drinking.

Shark? came on after The Band Which Shall Not Be Named (and I am definitely filing that name away for future use). The musicianship was awesome, and they really got some rapt attention from the audience, warmly receiving their subtle and modest stage presence. If you’re a Dinosaur Jr. fan you want to check these guys out. And you can, this Saturday, March 3rd, at Cake Shop with Diarrhea Planet.

Lost Boy?, with a similarly interrogative eroteme-ended name, is all garage punk and limp wristed dissonant intensity- but in the best possible way. It’s lazy party music that isn’t easy to make and even harder to pull off. They were thoroughly enjoyed, like the rest of the night. And we got home safe thanks to a lenient officer of the law and an iron gullet.

Fuck Me!: Celebrating the Quarter-Centennial of Billy Ludwig with A Bunch of Ravers

Fuck Me!: Celebrating the Quarter-Centennial of Billy Ludwig with A Bunch of Ravers

Article and photography by Joe Rocha

Who: Presented by Blue Star Productions, the standout acts are Noomi Ra, Candy Kid vs. Starkiss, Retlif and Epic Cloudstrife.

Where: The Electric Warehouse at The Lab in Brooklyn

When: 2.10.12

What: Heartless Valentine: A Kingdom Hearts Rave. A funky themed gamer-inspired rave revolving around the world of Kingdom Hearts.

Why: Billy Ludwig’s birthday

In this quarter-life-crisis-inspired adventure into the party scene of today’s crazed youngsters, we find out that contemporary youths are up to the same shenanigans they’ve always been up to. Please let us know if any of these pictures make their way onto a milk carton.

We met up at around 8 PM at Billy’s house and left to pick up Chris before heading to the train and getting off in the West Village. While we were on the train we started talking to a rando named George who insisted on tagging along because he was planning on bouncing around the West Village to bars all night anyway. I’m pretty sure he was hitting on me.

On the way to the Sullivan Room for Anthony Nero’s going away party we stopped to pick up packaged goods. I got a flask of Jameson that I stashed in my pocket. Billy and Chris got two 40oz.’s and started pounding them from paper bags. We made a beeline straight for the venue. The owner just so happened to be standing outside, spotted up with the packaged goods, and proceeded to have his bouncers tell us we were banned for the night.

We were bounced to a nearby dive where the people sucked and start getting hammered while one of our friends and Nero tried getting us in.

It wasn’t happening, so we hitched a ride across the boroughs to a rave in Brooklyn at The Lab. The theme was Kingdom Hearts, and it was called Heartless Valentine’s. The venue was pretty enormous, with a second space and sound system, as well as balconies that looked down on the main floor.

The glow was everywhere and the music was hopping. The night is a bit of a blur, mostly due to some orange concoction we all ended up chugging. There was the crazy chick who didn’t even need to put down her drink while hoolahooping like a fiend. Then there was Kevin the Carpet, which made getting a smoke like fighting a Snorlax.

Billy managed to get a hold of a florescent marker that he began tagging up everyone in sight with.

After, we hitched another ride to our hotel, the Mave off Madison Square Park. Donning robes, we crashed for the five hours until check-out, scarfed a huge comped breakfast, and jumped a train back home.


Opening Night of Breedlove’s Magic Mondays @ Tammany Hall

Article by Joe Rocha

Photography by Billy Ludwig

Who: Breedlove, Lady Starlight, The Nuclears and Stalker with go-go by Joce Sald and DJ Marley Wells

Where: Tammany Hall, 152 Orchard St, Manhattan

When: 2.6.12

What: A weekly Monday night where lounge singing meets artfully penned kinky showtunes by Breedlove, accompanied by performers ranging from sick sticky finger DJ Marley Wells with throwbacks, mindcracking interpretive artsy-ness from Lady Starlight, and loud kick-you-in-the-ears rock ‘n’ roll from The Nuclears and Stalker

Why: Because you probably don’t have anything better to do with your Monday nights. Who sleeps in the shadow of a Mayan Apocalypse, anyway?

I first encountered Breedlove at the cramped but loveable dive, St. Jerome’s, on the L.E.S. Despite a slightly overwhelming art crowd that felt like the fishnet clad avant-unitard of F.I.T., it was a booze-fueled mindblowing that I thoroughly enjoyed. I vowed to find him again. On the first Monday of February the night moved a few blocks West to Tammany Hall. It just so happens to be my close friend Armando’s birthday, so I invite him an his crew out so I can out to check out if their particular brand of glam still holds its wonderfully dingy downtown patina in a larger venue.

I vaguely remember Tammany Hall as Annex, which closed back in 2009, a spot where a lot of drunken college nights were spent. It was reopened temporarily to host a couple of shows during CMJ, and former Crash Mansion management has purportedly been taking care of business there.

The space is slick, trying to balance flashiness with a DIY vibe, boasting a kitchen in the back and a downstairs venue that at the time was hosting a pretty tough looking reggaeton and hip-hop dance night. That is good because Armando’s crowd is of mixed tastes and half of them end up spending the night going back and forth from the downstairs grindfest and the upstairs dance party show. Drinks are on the expensive side (I still and will always complain about a $12 Jameson on the rocks no matter where I go in Manhattan) with the only special being cheap 2-for-1 bottles of honey beer.

I manage to miss the Nuclears’ performance, which is a bummer because I have heard great things from a load of people with respectable taste in music. But you can catch them elsewhere and decide for yourself. I catch an awesome “New York Groove” rendition they do with Breedlove, though, and The Stalkers definitely kill it with an intense performance right after.

Breedlove makes every Magic Monday worthwhile, performing tonight with Liquid Blonde, The Naked Heroes, and Shadow Lover. Oh yeah, and FREE BOOZE 10-11 PM!

Mark the Autist, B.S. and Dyalekt vs. a Grey Matter beatbox… After Deathrow Tull’s show at EAT THE CAKE/BK WILDLIFE Fishnet & Ice Cream party.